Goods clearance process resumes at Torkham border

The Goods clearing process has resumed at Tokham border as customs clearing agents on Tuesday ended their protest after successful negotiations with officials’ customs department. The clearing of a large number of vehicles, loaded with good items, was remained suspended for last 24 hours due to strike of customs clearing agents against one Goods Declaration (GD) form one truck policy, introduced by the Customs centre at Torkham border.

However, the customs agents and officials held a successful negotiation after which the protest was ended. The Torkham border will remain open till 12:00 pm today night as long queues of vehicles, loaded with goods items stuck up at the Pak-Afghan sharing border. According to Customs clearing agents, they are facing difficulties in Web-based One Custom (WeBoC) system but the customs authorities didn’t clear vehicles, loaded with goods items without the WeBoC system.

Whenever, the customs agents said the issue of WeBoC raised so the goods clearing process was carried by manual system. They said that authorities assured them the old system of goods clearing will be reactivated after the Eid-ul-Fitr. Officials of customs department said that the customs agents were against the submission of duty and checking of goods through WeBoC system, which aimed at to make the modern goods clearing system non-functional. Assistant Collector Customs Torkham said that the WeBoC is modern online goods clearance system, which has remained operational around the clock at the border. He said that all details of goods cargo registered and goods pictures also attached with form under the WeBoC system, preventing the any chance of corruption and other corrupt practices.But, the officials said that some customs clearing agents and importers were unhappy with this modern system because they were aimed to earn millions of rupees by smuggling and fake declaration, therefore they [clearing agents] are strongly opposing the WeBoC and showing resistance in implementation of the modern goods clearing system and held strike against WeBoC.