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WRIT to online monitor over 0.2 million WHT agents

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has equipped its field formations with a new software i.e. WRIT to online monitor over 0.2 million withholding agents to ensure collection and deduction of withholding tax (WHT) by agents on real time basis. Sources said that the FBR has taken the initiative based on increased share (over 72 percent) of withholding tax in direct taxes collection during 2016-17.

The WHT would play key role in achieving the assigned revenue collection target for 2016-17. It would also ensure timely filing of WHT statements by the agents and payment of tax by them.

Through WRIT, the online monitoring of WHT agents on day to day basis would be done from the level of FBR Chairman to Assistant Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. Under the new software, the withholding data on national level will be available to all the field formations for cross verification of information provided by the withholding agents. These officials can access any kind of WHT data at any time.

According to sources, the FBR and its field formations would have the authority to online analyse tax collected and deducted by WHT agents during current fiscal and corresponding data for last fiscal year. This would enable the tax department to promptly compare to data and issue notice or intimation to the WHT agent to clarify the difference in tax payments, if any. The WRIT would also be able to generate lists of agents, who are inactive and showing no activity.

The important feature of online issuance of show cause notices to the WHT agents would become operational from June 30, 2017. A window would be opened to issue intimation or notice through email without delay under WRIT.

The WRIT would be able to analyse data of computerised tax payments (CPRs) deposits by the taxpayers to check tax payments and compare the same with the same period last fiscal. The FBR can do online comparison for two time periods i.e. for the current month and up to the month during current fiscal year.

According to the FBR’s directive to the field formations, it was decided in the Withholding Commissioners’ conference that a digital directory of Withholding Agents shall be developed by the Withholding Wing in collaboration with IT Wing, FBR. The objective of the said system was to provide real time and comparative data to al the field formations so that instant action can be taken in respect of withholding sections where revenue goes down. In this connection IT wing has played a pivotal role by engaging PRAL for the development of the software. As a result of concerted efforts of IT and WH team software under the name of WRIT has been developed for the effective monitoring of WHT. The same has been made available to all the field formations down to the level of AC and DC right according to the Jurisdiction. However, Withholding Data across Pakistan will be available to all the field formations for cross verification of information provided by the withholding agent.

Through the link analytics the required login window will appear access the software. A user manual in of respect the WRIT software will be made available in field formations. . It is therefore requested to use the software extensively for furthering the cause of revenue collection this critical juncture of our financial timings, FBR added.