Verification of import documents: FBR teams visit leading malls

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbar Zaidi said on Monday that FBR joint teams visited leading malls at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for verification of import documents of imported goods being sold at these outlets. According to a tweet of Zaidi, “FBR teams Monday visited Dolman Centre, Karachi, Emporium Mall Lahore and Centaurus Mall Islamabad as a part of tax expansion and anti-smuggling drive. On behalf of FBR I thank for courtesy and cooperation. Let us develop ‘tax culture’ in the country. Anti-smuggling drive will continue and expand.”

The FBR said, “This exercise does not represent ‘raid’ on the premises or any coercive action against the traders. The purpose of this exercise is only to ensure that relevant import documents are available and foreign goods available for sale are properly backed by documents.”

“It has been decided that such exercises will be undertaken on ‘test’ check basis. All teams will be conducting respective identification as being officially designated and the team will be headed by a senior person. In case if for any reason such documents are not readily available at the shops/offices then teams will provide adequate opportunity to submit the document in the respective offices/ shops after reasonable time,” the FBR added.