Registration of auctioned vehicles: E&T’s ‘illegal’ refusal to FBR hampers revenue collection

The illegal refusal of Excise & Taxation, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for registration of auctioned vehicles has hampered revenue collection from Customs’ auction of confiscated vehicles during the last quarter (April-June) of the current fiscal year (2016-17).

Sources told Business Recorder here on Wednesday that the collector Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Islamabad has approached FBR, chief commissioner ICT and director general Excise & Taxation, ICT, on the refusal of excise & taxation officers to register vehicles auctioned by MCC Islamabad.

Sources said the collection through customs auction was top priority of the FBR to generate additional revenue in the last quarter of 2016-17. However, the current situation would discourage Customs’ auction of confiscated vehicles having serious revenue implications. Legally, the officers of E&T, ICT, are legally bound to register auctioned vehicles following due verification process.

According to the collector, the office of the E&T Officer Islamabad has refused to initiate the registration process of vehicles which have been lawfully auctioned by the said collectorate and hold a bona fide status. The stated position is adversely affecting the Customs’ auction of confiscated vehicles leading to a financial loss to the federal exchequer and that too in the last quarter of the current financial year (2016-17).

As the said refusal to initiate the registration process of these vehicles is without any lawful authority and is against the interest of the state, it is, therefore, requested that the concerned officers may be directed to register the vehicles auctioned by Model Customs Collectorate Islamabad after due verification and in accordance with the provisions of law, the collector added. The collector has requested the chief commissioner and DG Excise & Taxation, ICT, to personally intervene to resolve the matter without any delay, sources added.