Filers who availed amnesty scheme: FBR suspends notices about source of investment

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has suspended all notices issued to inquire source of investment from filers who availed amnesty scheme; it is learnt. According to sources, field formations across the country have started issuing notices to filers, asking the source of investment declared in the amnesty scheme. The said action taken by the field formation has not only shaken the confidence of taxpayers and tax practitioners but also raised disenchantment among filers, who availed tax amnesty scheme.

In order to mitigate the situation, the board has now expressed serious concerns against the notices being issued to the filers to inquire source of investment declared in tax amnesty scheme. Replying to a question, sources said that Member (IR-Operation) in his written communication with field formation declared such actions against the law and warned the field formation to deal strictly in case of violation.

“Such actions by the field formation are against the law and would be dealt with strictly by the FBR,” Member (IR-Operation) stated in the letter. Furthermore, sources said that chief commissioners of all regional tax offices and large taxpayers units were now directed to look into the matter personally. To another question, sources said that Member (IR-Operation) had also ordered all chief commissioners to refrain their field formation from such illegal actions and ensured that no further notices would be issued.