BTB zone of RTO-II, Karachi: Fresh graduates being trained to broaden tax net

In order to avoid harassment from taxmen and facilitate non-filers to get enrolled in FBR system, the BTB zone of RTO-II, Karachi has adopted novel approach as fresh graduates are being trained for e-filing of income tax returns at business premises.

According to the official sources, the BTB zone RTO-II, Karachi has taken an initiative to broaden of tax base under its jurisdiction in collaboration with an NGO under private public partnership.

The BTB zone is imparting technical knowledge regarding e-filing of income tax returns to the fresh graduates of ACCA/ACMA/ in batches at RTO office under this scheme.And, after theoretical and hand on practical training, these volunteers (in a group of two or three) will be sent to the different markets, malls, large corporate organizations, etc where they will set up camps with the consent of trade associations and help non-filers for filing of income tax returns.

They said that the activity of these volunteers would be scheduled and strictly monitored by the BTB commissioner; adding that the training session had already been conducted for first batch of 53 volunteers, who were given live presentation on filing of income tax returns and after practical hand-on experience, they would be dispatched at designated places with certain target of filing of returns. The department will judge the performance of every individual on the basis of their targets and issue certificates to the performers duly signed by NGO head and BTB commissioner. Moreover, sources said that these certificates would be incentives as it would help them, acquiring new jobs or carrying out the work as tax consultant.