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Internal Audit

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from an outsourced internal audit function to assess and manage risk. KANCO’s internal audit approach is to not only identify, document and test procedures and controls based on risk but to recommend and implement effective internal controls and business solutions. If deficiencies are detected, we can work with management to remediate these deficiencies.

Our internal audit department provides the complete picture of the business systems identifying the weaknesses and room for improvement. The department is lead by the professionals that understands the today’s scenario of information technology.

Cost-effective solutions to Risk Management

In today’s job market, the cost of hiring, retaining and training quality internal auditors has escalated. Outsourcing to KANCO can provide your company greater value for less cost.

Expertise and Experience

KANCO’s professionals who perform Internal Audit services are highly trained and experienced. Using computerized audit tools and techniques, efficiency and technical accuracy are increased.


KANCO’s Internal Audit consultants do not remain on site. We focus on completing the internal audit tasks efficiently and in a timely manner, with no disruption to your daily business.

Independence & Objectivity

In maintaining your own internal audit department, may become less diligent, consciously or not, in auditing areas in which they have grown comfortable. An outside provider is less likely to lose critical objectivity and can provide a fresh look at your business processes.