Fake FBR logos: new threat for taxpayers

Manzoor-Ul-Haq Malik, the acting president of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), urged the Federal Investigation Agency and the chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue to take immediate measures to stop fake emails in which the name and logo of the FBR are used.

He said that these emails were asking taxpayers to claim tax refunds as tax paid in their electronically filed tax returns was more than the tax liability. He added that stern action was needed to against persons involved in this activity to restore the confidence of the taxpayers in the taxation system.

He said that fake emails were sent from different email addresses, other than the FBR’s email address. In these messages the taxpayers were lied to that due to the FBR’s miscalculation of tax, the amounts given were more than the tax liability, and the intending taxpayers were asked to click the link “Claim My Refund.”

The system upon clicking the link shows an FBR page containing its official logo and name and logos of five private banks appear. When the logo of any one of the banks is clicked, account log-in page opens, which seeks the option of registration of direct login or credit login,” he said

He expressed his grave-concern over the access of taxpayers’ private information to these unscrupulous elements. He added that electronic frauds were very common in the world and the responsibility lies with the tax department to ensure proper security of the confidential data of the taxpayers.

Manzoor-Ul-Haq Malik said that in July the fraud mafia was active in cheating taxpayers as well, but after taking necessary measures by the FBR, these illegal activities were stopped. He asked the FBR to create proper security protocols to avoid such malpractices.